30-Minute Emails

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ATTENTION: side hustler, solopreneur, marketer, or newsletter owner…

Does it take you forever to write an email?

Here’s how to craft a killer marketing email in 30 minutes or less - even if you have no ideas, no experience, or no email writing process.

There is no easier way to make money online than to learn how to write short emails - fast - and send them to your (or your client’s) email list often.

And the best way to crank out money-making emails quickly is to do some prep work (to uncover the “building blocks” of an email) before drafting your email.

Then, insert those “building blocks” into a proven template.

An easy email writing framework:

When I got really serious about email copywriting in 2020, I had no framework for writing emails. As a result, it took me forever (hours upon hours) to write a simple email. It was demoralizing! 

Today, it takes me a few minutes to write an email. (About 10-20 minutes on average.)

Me, sipping a mocktail in Cinque Terre, Italy after pumping out 4 high-converting emails in an hour. (Yes, the more you practice, the faster you’ll get at writing emails with my system… :-)

Wanna know what made all the difference?

My 4-step “building blocks” process.

That is, the 4 things I do BEFORE I even open a Google Doc or Notion page… That saves me hours of agony every time I write an email.

It's the system I use to get email marketing results like this:

And this:


...without wasting hours of your precious time staring at a blinking cursor.

It took me 2 years to develop and perfect this system, but if you commit to practicing every week, you could start writing similar emails within a month.

Gain email writing consistency overnight?

Look at what happened when GJ used this framework:

Imagine how much time GJ will save now that he has a simple template for producing 300+ words per day!

And then Evan put this framework to the test.

Here's what he said:

(Indeed, no promises I won't jack the price of this framework up without warning - it was priced criminally low @ $1 when I first released it!)

Last but not least, Lucas used this template and said this:

For a small investment, Lucas learned how to write emails like a copywriting pro. And now you can too.


Learn how to write fun and simple emails with my unique framework:

30-Minute Emails

I've had people tell me I could charge $100 or more for this resource...

But to help you leverage my experience - including all the time, effort, and financial investment (i.e. THOUSANDS spent on coaching and courses) I put into developing this framework… 

I’ll let you grab a copy of 30-Minute Emails for only $50 today.

To claim your copy while this offer lasts, press the button on this page that says "Buy this!".

What you’ll get:

  • My proprietary “4 building blocks” framework for deciding the angle to write from, and nailing it firmly. (Includes 4 fill-in-the-blanks exercise worksheets - and sample answers!)

  • A detailed walkthrough of the 4 building blocks prep process, assuming you sell a $97 course.

  • The anatomy of a great marketing email. (Use the same structure I use for 100% of my emails which generate THOUSANDS for myself and my clients every month without fail - includes 3 line-by-line examples and teardowns!)

  • How to write a great subject line (includes 7 subject line frameworks that you can use right away).

  • The one and only hook (i.e. first paragraph) structure you need to know to craft incredibly compelling emails that GLUE your readers to the screen. (If I could only write one hook type for the rest of my life, it would be this.)

What’s the investment?

$50 USD. 

What’s the catch?

The truth is, I shouldn’t be giving this resource away for such a STEAL of a price…

But I’m doing it for one reason: 

To collect your email address and add you to my email list.

(Don’t worry - you can unsubscribe at any time if my emails don’t overwhelm you with value.)

TBH I’m running a bit of an experiment. 

You see, normally, I build my email list by offering a freebie. But now I’m trying to curate an email list of more serious folks who have no trouble forking up a measly $50 to improve their email writing skills, and grow their business.

If that sounds like you, I invite you to grab your copy today by clicking the button that says "Buy this!" on this page. And explore the value-packed product (not to mention the emails I got waiting for you on the inside)…

Who am I, anyway?

If you stumbled on this page and don’t know me yet, my name is Dylan Bridger. Nice to meet you! 

I’m not some guru, I’m just a guy who has spent the last 10 years building and marketing online businesses.

During that time, my work has produced approximately $2,200,000.00+ in sales (and counting).

And I’ve had the opportunity to send tens of thousands of emails across mine and my clients’ lists. So I’ve had a chance to test what works and what doesn’t. 

Bottom line: I live and breathe email marketing. And now I want to share everything I know with you…

[Grab 30-Minute Emails For Only $50 by clicking the button that says "Buy this!" on this page.]

Praise from others:

Frequently asked questions:

“Is it ACTUALLY possible to write a money-making email in 30 minutes?” 

Yes. I juggle multiple client projects and retainers every week - plus my own email list. I wouldn’t be able to keep up without the framework and template I reveal in this product.

Now, your very first email or two or three might take a bit longer… Let’s be realistic here. BUT - use the system and template in this product for a few days or weeks (depending on how fast a learner you are) and I promise you’ll be able to crank out solid emails in 30 minutes or less.

“Are these for general newsletter topics or marketing emails?”

This framework is probably better suited for “marketing-style emails” - versus more elaborately-formatted, curation-style “newsletters”.

With that being said, you can use my approach (ESPECIALLY the “4 building blocks” prep work system) whether you’re writing a “newsletter”-style email, or a “marketing”-style email. 

Plus, this approach works for evergreen sequence emails (e.g., emails in your welcome sequence) AND one-off, broadcast emails (e.g., a weekly newsletter or daily emails).

Bottom line? No matter which type of email you intend on writing, I suspect you’ll find this guide useful… Even if you extract just one golden nugget from the product.

“Do I need to be a good writer to use 30-Minute Emails to write emails in 30 minutes or less?”


If you have some writing experience, you might be able to write even faster - like in 15 minutes or less - but I wrote this with beginners in mind.

“What format does 30-Minute Emails come in?”

It is a single PDF document that you can download and read on your desktop or mobile device.

 “Will this product help me come up with good email ideas?”

Yes. See “building block #1” of my proprietary email prep work system for more exactly how to do this.

“Is there a guarantee or refund policy?


If you can’t afford the $50 or if you don’t trust that I’m going to deliver on my promise, then I urge you to follow me on Twitter first instead, allow me to earn your trust, and then come back and buy when you’re ready. (But no promises it’ll still be on sale for $50 at that time.)

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30-Minute Emails

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